CET Designer Extension Development

We can handle your most ambitious CET Designer Extension project

DEB Associates has 7+ years developing large complex extensions to CET Designer. Our lead developer, Alina, previously worked at Configura and has had a wide range of experience building extensions for various clients. Chances are, if you can dream it - we can build it.

CET Designer extension development requires expertise in multiple areas - Configura's proprietary language "CM", the CET Designer ecosystem, software development expertise, and project management/execution experience. DEB Associates brings a rich history of project success to the table and can handle your most ambitious CET Designer Extension project.

Our process

We start with a discovery call to determine what our clients are looking to build and how we can help. After this initial contact, we schedule a roadmapping session to get a deeper understanding of the project goals and work with our client to create a plan to get us there successfully.

Once we are kicked off, we set up a communication rhythm with our client - weekly meetings to show progress and communicate next steps. This is also a time to communicate risks and choose a mitigation plan. Each meeting includes a progress report with progress details so our clients know right where the project is at.

In addition to weekly meetings, we set up multiple project milestones. These milestones are places where a significant portion of the project is ready to be shown and tested. We like delivering multiple milestones throughout the project instead of one big deliverable at the end because it allows our clients to start using their extension and give early feedback on places we need to make changes or pivot.

Join our Successful Client List

We are proud of the success we have delivered for our clients. They are using extensions for quoting, sales, and order processing among other things. Their extensions have enabled teams to work more efficiently, save on paperwork overhead, and win more sales.

Looking to hire CET Designer experts? Contact us! Not sure yet? Reach out anyway, we would love to hear what you are interested in accomplishing even if you aren't ready to get started yet.

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DEB Associates helps companies through the entire electronics design process. Our team is smart, reliable, and deeply knowledgeable about the intricacies of circuit design, PCB layout, and EMC.

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