1kW Automotive Boost Converter

This redesign addressed key technical and performance issues on a high-end automotive module.

Instant Defrosting

Most of us are familiar with hitting the defrost button in our vehicle and then waiting for it to clear the windshield. What if that process where near instantaneous? It’s what happens when a kilowatt of power is applied to the defrosting task.

Redesigning the Product

This project was to redesign a microprocessor-controlled 12-42V, 2-phase boost converter used to instantly defrost the windshield of a luxury passenger vehicle. The existing product had some technical, manufacturing, and reliability concerns, and had not fully realized the expected thermal and EMC performance levels. Key challenges: Managing PCB current densities (>80A), thermal design to effectively transport heat from SMT components, and improving grounding strategy and circuit partitioning to achieve low radiated emissions.

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