Power Electronics Design and Development

Specialists in automotive power electronics, we design and develop power inverters and converters for mass production.

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The Team


Senior Software Engineer

Alina specializes in objected oriented software development. She holds a BS in Computer Engineering (2013) from GVSU. She is developing competency in Microchip embedded. She is also a talented artist and has a keen eye for detail.



Dave is skilled in circuit design, PCB layout, and EMC - specializing in automotive power electronics hardware design. In addition to 10+ years as an electronics consultant, Dave spent his career in the automotive industry from engineering to upper management. Dave is a registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical). He also holds a MS in Computer Science (Laurence Tech 06') and a BS in Mechanical Engineering (GMI 86').



Dan is an engineer with a background in software development. He graduated from GVSU with BSEE in 2011 and has been building ever since. His tools of choice are C, JavaScript, Elixir and everything that AWS offers.

Our Values

Engaging us

It all starts with a discussion. We are looking for projects with opportunity to deliver outstanding value. We will get to know you and understand your challenges, budget, what a home run looks like. We do not do elaborate proposals or share ideas before we are engaged.


We believe that designs emerge through the development process. The beginning of the project is the point of maximum ignorance and wide-open options. Creating an MVP allows us to better understand tradeoffs and look for value that may be difficult to see at the start. We almost always uncover opportunities and issues that were not apparent at the inception of the project. We take this agile approach to de-risk early, accelerate development, and get to a better result.


Power electronics design involves managing tradeoffs: Currents, voltages, thermal, resonances, ZVS/ZCS, emissions, susceptibility, dv/dt, di/dt, magnetics, losses, safety, packaging, cost. We are experienced in balancing these attributes to achieve highly optimized system level performance.

Why DEB Associates?


Creating power electronics design for the demanding world of automotive requires deep expertise and experience. Our design & test assets, experience, and projects are focused in this domain.


You will be working with a seasoned pro. Your project/problem won't surprise us.


Our designs are being manufactured for global use in millions of units per year. Our clients are enjoying better profit margins, business wins, and breakthrough performance as a result of engaging us.

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About Us

DEB Associates helps companies through the entire electronics design process. Our team is smart, reliable, and deeply knowledgeable about the intricacies of circuit design, PCB layout, and EMC.

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