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We are technology experts that work to understand our client’s challenges and create break-through solutions. Our experience in multiple industries brings perspective, agility, and imagination to deliver a technology solution that provides a competitive advantage in the market.

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It's a science and an art.

Our experience helps us balance the many factors that go into successful design.

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Getting your product qualified

Electromagnetic Compatibility designed in from the beginning

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NCP81239 Chip Emissions

Troubleshooting a radiated emission issue on one of our USB Type-C PD designs resulted in a surprising discovery and an unconventional solution
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Test Driven Development for Embedded Software with Unity and Ceedling

In this post we’ll cover getting started with Ceedling and Unity TDD for embedded.
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Inductor DCR Measurement

How do you check the resistance of an inductor? You can't just use your multimeter on ohms setting.
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Sensor module with RI issue

A client reached out for help on a radiated immunity issue. We resolved it without ever seeing or testing the part.
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Using an RC snubber

Snubbers can protect parts from overvoltage by damping parasitic oscillations
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